Food processing wall panels can help to curb the dampness inside a food processing unit

Food processing units have a ton of dampness inside, so you should be exceptionally cautious about the interior cleanliness. Whether cooked, semi-cooked, or in a raw form, food should be stored in an extremely hygienic interior, so no bacterial invasion occurs. 

You can’t run a food preparation unit effectively if the interior isn’t adequately well maintained. Try not to keep the walls and roof revealed; all things being equal, we are proud to introduce washable wall panels. Different kinds of wall and ceiling panels are accessible on the lookout, yet vinyl boards are extraordinary and extremely useful contrasted with all others. 


You can explore different wall panels and refer to the Duramax site to find out about plastic panels. Duramax has been manufacturing food processing wall panels for over forty years. We are the leaders in providing vinyl panels for various business uses. We also offer offline and online consultation to the customers if you wish to discuss your requirements with us. Duramax panels are waterproof, durable, long-lasting, and affordable. 

Temperature plays a major role when it comes to storing food items properly. Duramax food processing wall panels help in keeping food items fresh for a long period. At this point, we have countless customers from different businesses who are happy with our vinyl boards. If your food handling unit is brimming with dampness and sogginess, you can converse with our specialists and decide to install the sturdy and enduring vinyl boards. You can spend more time learning more about vinyl panels. We are additionally offering only online counselling during this pandemic. 

Once introduced inside your food handling unit, Duramax vinyl boards can keep going for around 35-40 years without giving any indications of harm. Installing the panels is extremely basic and modest. You don’t need to invest in any additional resources and extra materials while introducing the panels. 

Likewise, hire one contractual worker to complete the installation process, and if two individuals are doing it all the while, it would just accelerate the cycle. PVC panels are joined straightforwardly to the studs, and there are no backers required. If you consider the FRP pricing, PVC panels are expensive when you purchase, but it’s a lot of savings in the long run. 

Duramax PVC panels have a one-hour fire grade; this can forestall fire risks for as long as 60 minutes. These panels are chemical safe, smell-proof, and don’t stain without any problem. The panels are ASTM and CFIA guaranteed, and FDA certified. Duramax promises a money-back guarantee of $25,000, which includes a work charge. 

Installing Duramax panels can save you from cleaning the walls routinely. When you install Duramax vinyl panels, the walls and roof don’t need daily maintenance. Wipe the panels with a damp fabric to keep them clean. 

Visit the Duramax website for more information; you can discuss it with our experts. If FRP vs. PVC is still on your mind, choose PVC panels from Duramax. Request for a quote and ask for a free sample.

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