Keep the walls of your meat packaging unit damp-free by installing washable wall panels

meat packaging wall panels

Mark owns a meat packaging facility and he has a team to manage it. It’s been a few months since Mark noticed dampness on the walls and was worried that he needed to do something to take care of the interior facility. He could see the walls peeling off, dampness, and the walls getting stained.



Now, after discussing with the team, he decided to cover up the walls with panels. There are various types of wall panels, so he got engrossed in research. After ample research, he took an interest in vinyl panels mainly because of the waterproof nature. All vinyl panels manufacturers do not offer the same quality. So, he again started searching for vinyl panel companies and contacted Duramax.

100% waterproof vinyl panels:

If you are conducting online research, you will find Duramax ranking on the top of search engines. We manufacture vinyl panels for different industrial use. We asked Mark to come for a consultation; we offer customized panels based on the requirements. We recommended him to install meat packaging wall panels that are 100% waterproof and extremely durable. Mark was impressed with the online consultation; it’s easier to reach us during these pandemic times. Also, we did let him know a lot about vinyl panels and its benefits. 

Low maintenance washable wall panels:

We are leaders in supplying custom washable wall panels, and it’s been 40 years since we are catering to your requirements. Our panels are just perfect for damp and moisture-filled interiors. These panels do not absorb moisture helping to keep the walls dry and hygienic. Duramax panels are ideal for meat packaging facilities as it can keep the walls free from stains, preventing bacterial and mold growth on the walls and ceiling. Raw meat, if not appropriately stored, is prone to bacterial growth; Duramax PVC panels help.

ASTM and FDA compliant wall panels: 

Duramax panels can keep the walls well-insulated, which is crucial because they are stored at low temperatures. Duramax panels are ASTM certified to ensure its FDA compliance. The panels have a 1-hour fire grade and can forbid hazard up to 1-hour.

Duramax offers excellent customer service; Mark also recommended Duramax panels to many of his friends. Post-installation, he shared pictures of his meat packaging facility. We are also dedicated to offering an excellent after-sales service. You can share your feedback with us; your reviews are essential. 

Our panels can last for 25-30 years: 

Duramax vinyl panels can last for a lifetime; they remain in good condition for almost 25-30 years without much maintenance. The panels are also white, giving a bright appearance to your interior and light-reflective panels keep the energy bills low by equally distributing reflected light. You can save 40% of material cost and 50%of the labor expenses by installing Duramax panels, a one-time investment. Installing vinyl panels is a one-time investment; it’s a long-term solution. 

Install Duramax vinyl panels: 

Duramax offers complete wall panel solutions; we are the top vinyl panel manufacturers in the USA. There is no need to look for FRP suppliers when you can install Duramax vinyl panels. Call us for a free sample, and request a quote.




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