Moisture and grime spoiling the walls and ceiling of your food processing unit? Install Duramax’s food processing wall panels

food processing wall panels

A food processing unit should be extremely hygienic, but in reality, it takes a lot of effort to keep a food processing unit free from moisture. A place where food is prepared is full of dampness, deposition on the walls, and stickiness. While preparing for a food processing unit, you must work on the interior. You can no way leave the walls uncovered but install wall and ceiling panels to eliminate such issues. 



There are so many types of panels available in the market but if you are interested in investing in a waterproof solution, invest in only Trusscore PVC panels. Duramax Trusscore food processing wall panels are 100% waterproof and are made of high-quality vinyl. We manufacture wall and ceiling panels for commercial spaces, mainly for those where moisture prevails. Our panels are affordable and have an excellent water-resistant capacity.


Why is PVC the best choice for food processing units?

If you ever feel like comparing PVC panels to FRP, thinking whether FRP would be suitable for your food processing unit or not, you can talk to our experts. In this blog, we shall explain why FRP is not the right option for damp industrial areas. FRP is fiber reinforced plastic, but it loses its waterproofing nature due to the backers’ attachment behind the installation panels. These backers soak in moisture all the time, the panels start showing delamination due to the formation of mold and bacteria due to so much moisture absorption. Moisture, smoke, and water vapor travel into the walls to cause heavy and irreparable damage. On the other hand, PVC panels do not require backers, ensuring there is no water vapor absorption. 


Also, PVC ceiling panels and wall panels have few more advantages. Our panels are white, so after installation, your space looks clean, hygienic, and more daylight. Also, our vinyl panels allow some savings due to its light-reflective nature. Our panels are capable of equally distributing the reflected light. This will enable you to save on your energy bills, which is quite a lot in the long-run. 


Your panels will last for a lifetime: 

Installing vinyl panels is a long-term solution; once installed, our panels can last for a lifetime. You do not need to worry about reinvesting; the panels would remain in superb condition for at least 25-30 years without attracting moisture during food processing. You do not have to feel tensed about inspections. 

Post-installing vinyl panels do not require daily cleaning or any strict maintenance. Did you hear that you feel elated? Our panels can save you from the maintenance effort and cost. Cleaning does not take long, wash the panels with a soft detergent occasionally or wipe with a dry cloth. 


Easy installation and least investment:

Duramax PVC panels are very easy to install; these are attached directly to the studs. The best thing is that only one contractor can complete the quick installation process and you do not require investing in any additional material. We have been manufacturing food processing wall panels for more than 40 years. We have a vast client base; visit our website for more information. 

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