Say goodbye to FRP wallboard and choose to install Duramax’s vinyl wall panels

goodbye to FRP wallboard and choose to install Duramax’s vinyl wall panels

FRP and vinyl are the two most popular types of wall panels; the former is used for wall paneling but now with more advancement PVC is getting more acceptances. Compared to FRP wallboard, vinyl panels are being widely used across plenty of commercial sectors like commercial kitchens, food processing facilities; grow rooms, car washes, hospitals, agriculture and more. 


 When it comes to installing wall panels, trust Duramax. Our panels are water and moisture-resistant. They are white, light-reflective; it’s great for areas that do not get sufficient light like for grow rooms, commercial kitchen and more. The panels have a 1- hour fire grade which protects the interior in case of any fire hazard. Talking about the experience, we have more than a decade of experience in installing vinyl panels. 

 PVC takes the fastest installation time and this wall paneling material has the longest lifespan. Duramax PVC panels are not susceptible to water vapor, it’s completely moisture and water-resistant and this is why our panels are anti-bacteria. Duramax PVC panels have a very smooth surface with no cervices which is very much unlike the rough FRP surface. If the surface is rough, food particles, dust or bacteria can remain trapped but when the surface is smooth, there are no chances of any bacteria sitting on the surface. 

 You know that PVC panels are easier to install but do you know why? Our vinyl panels are attached to the stud directly, there is an interlocking technology made of tongues and grooves so that each panel fit in seamlessly. You do not need any extra material like glue, backers or lamination instead hidden fasteners are used flawlessly. This makes the surface very smooth and free from rivets. FRP installation process is a complex one; you need two trained people to perform the task. You need materials like Drywall or OBS backers, lamination and glue; FRP does not have hidden fasteners as well. After all these FRP is prone to peeling because the boards absorb water through the backers, the water stays inside to form mold and mildew damaging the walls completely. FRP suffers from callbacks, can warp, discolor or rot due to the continuous trapping of moisture. 

Are you thinking about PVC and FRP cost? Well, both the types have almost the same price range but you can call PVC affordable in the long run. You can skip the labor charges of installing FRP panels and you can also exclude the material cost. So, when you install PVC panels, you can expect a 40% savings on material and a 50% savings on labor expenses. 


 Do you feel cleaning and maintenance is a part when you install wall panels? There is some good news for the customers; our panels do not require any strict maintenance. This makes you feel better because you do not have to perform routine cleaning. You can wipe with a cotton cloth to keep the vinyl panels clean. 

If you are planning to Indulge in wall paneling, its time to take off old FRP wallboards and install Duramax vinyl wall panels. Please visit our website for more details, get in touch for a free sample today! Request a quote and get it in one day.