Steve decided to install vinyl panels inside his meat packaging unit

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Steve has his own meat packaging unit and now he wants to control the dampness that is ruining the interiors. Meat packaging needs proper maintenance for maintaining the health and hygiene of the unit. He has staff to maintain the unit and now he needs to deal with the excess moisture because the walls are already showing signs of dampness. 

He invested a lot of money in setting up a meat packaging unit and if the walls were damaged, he needed to reinvest, which would involve a lot of expense. In response to that, he started calling his friends for a solution and they suggested Steve install wall panels. 


He started looking for wall panels and spent a lot of time researching on the internet for various options. Steve chose to have an online consultation with the experts before installing vinyl panels inside his meat packaging unit–and he found us. We manufacture waterproof and white color panels that can be used across all commercial industries whose interiors are prone to dampness. We also customize vinyl panels according to your requirements. Our panels are durable and extremely long-lasting. Steve significantly contended with the consultation, and he decided to install vinyl panels inside the unit. 

Now, after discussing with the team, he decided to cover up the walls with panels. There are various types of wall panels, so he got engrossed in research. After ample research, he took an interest in vinyl panels mainly because of the waterproof nature. All vinyl panels manufacturers do not offer the same quality. So, he again started searching for vinyl panel companies and contacted Duramax. Anyone who researches vinyl panels would come across Duramax; we are one of the biggest suppliers of PVC panels in the USA. 

 Steve also wanted to have a discussion with us related to FRP vs. PVC. He wanted to know whether FRP would also be the right solution. We explained to him that FRP is unsuitable for the damp commercial environment. FRP has backers that absorb a lot of moisture, destroy the panels, and affect the walls to create permanent damage. But PVC panels do not have backers and do not absorb any moisture into the panels. This is the reason why the walls are completely free from dampness and can last for a very long time. Also, the FRP pricing might seem affordable initially, but PVC is more cost-effective in the long-run. 

We are manufacturing and supplying panels for over 40 years; we are one of the USA’s top PVC panel manufacturers. Duramax panels can keep the walls well-insulated, which is crucial because they are stored at low temperatures. Duramax panels are ASTM certified to ensure FDA compliance. The panels have a 1-hour fire grade and chemical resistivity.  

We have excellent customer service; you can rely on the after-sales service we offer. You can share your feedback and reviews on our panels. Request for a quote, ask for a free sample.


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