The benefits of installing food processing wall panels from Duramax

Food that is prepared inside a clean and healthy atmosphere is hygienic. Food processing units have a lot of moisture, and a lot of dampness accumulates. When you run a kitchen on a commercial basis, space requires a lot of maintenance. So, how will you have a hygienic interior of your food processing unit? 

Duramax vinyl panels ideals for residential and commercial use

Food is perishable and stored in cooked, semi-cooked, or in raw form should be done hygienically. If you ask the Duramax experts, we would suggest installing wall panels on your walls and ceiling. Duramax vinyl panels are suitable for commercial and industrial use. 

Invest in Duramax vinyl panels

It is very easy to run a food processing unit if you maintain it effectively. Duramax manufactures food processing wall panels that are durable and long-lasting. Do you want to research more about wall panels? There are various types of panels available in the market. All wall panels do not have waterproof qualities and durability, which is why you need to invest in vinyl panels.  

ASTM certified vinyl panels 

Duramax is the leader in manufacturing vinyl panels for more than forty years. We manufacture high-quality vinyl panels in the USA and our quality speaks volumes. All our panels are quality assured; they are tested for quality via an automated system. Our food processing wall panels are ASTM certified, CFIA certified, and FDA compliant, we offer certified vinyl panels. Out panels have a 1-hour fire grade to forestall the risk of any fire hazard for more than 60 minutes. These panels are also chemical safe and don’t stain easily. 

Easy to clean vinyl panels 

Duramax vinyl panels do not require much cleaning and maintenance. Vinyl panels can save you from the hassle of spending a lot of time and effort on maintaining the PVC panels. Wipe the panels with a soft cloth and a light detergent to keep our panels clean. 

Light-reflective vinyl panels 

Our panels are white, bright, clean, and light-reflective. This means that the panels can equally distribute the reflected light, which means you can save on your energy bills. 

Food processing units are very much dependent on the temperature; therefore, insulation is of extreme importance. Duramax panels offer insulation post-installation, and it helps to keep the food fresh for the longest time. Duramax has a list of clients who are very satisfied with the panels we offer. 

Our panels can last for 40-45 years 

Duramax PVC panels are extremely long-lasting. They can last for almost 40-45 years without maintenance. Our panels are very affordable, easy to install, and require only one contractor for the installation. If you hire two contractors, that will only speed up the installation process. 

Recognized PVC wall panel suppliers in the USA

PVC ceiling wall panels are the ideal solution for your moisture-filed commercial interior. You can visit our website for additional information. Duramax is among the most recognized PVC wall panel suppliers in the USA. You can reach our experts for an online or offline consultation. Invest in Duramax panels and post your reviews. You can ask us for a free sample and request a quote.

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