What is the Best Material to Build Doggy Day Cares?

best material to build Doggy Day Cares

One of the biggest problems with maintaining a doggy day care or dog kennel is the constant wear and tear that walls and dividers go through. A clean nice appearance can be transformed into messy and dirty over the years. Remodeling isn’t something that comes often so the decision on which material to pick when designing a doggy business is important. In this article we will talk about 4 common materials used in doggy businesses:

Chain link
PVC wall panels


Anti-scratch and biting

The first important characteristic that the walls of a doggy business should have is being resistant to scratching and biting. Dogs tend to scratch and bite just about anything they can. Certain materials such as chain link, wood, or plastic sheets can get damaged through consistent biting. A common plastic sheet such as FRP, Fiber reinforced panels are thin sheets glued onto wooden backers and easily pulled off through biting. Wood gets scratched and eventually carved lines. Chain link may get warped or undone as well. PVC panels are great because instead of being a thin sheet glued on to a wooden backer.

PVC panel manufacturers, such as Duramax Trusscore make panels that are ½ inch thick and can act as the wall itself. This leaves a seamless and durable plastic wall that is resistant to bites and scratches.

Easy to clean

Another big factor in building a successful doggy business is having the ability to easily clean. Cleaning not only upholds the appearance to customers but also allows employees to clean faster so they can focus on taking care of the business. Material such as chain link can be hard to clean due to the curvature and angles of every link. The large holes in chain link allow water from spray hoses to pass easily and is difficult to hand wipe. Wood is a material that is porous and can stain easily with dirt or bacteria. FRP panels sometimes have rough textures and trim between each piece that create crevices for bacteria to hide in.

The easiest to clean is PVC wall panels due to its seamless surface and water resistant properties. There are no pores in PVC so stains are impossible. The flat surface of PVC panels also leverage the pressure from water hose to clean all areas of the wall.

Hygienic and anti-mold

The most important reason to decide between walling materials is the hygienic rating of the material itself. When caring for animals, the top concern is their safety and health. Having walls that are durable and easy to clean is important but hygiene is the priority.

PVC panels never rot, rust, warp, or absorb water. Unlike chain link, wood, or FRP, there is extremely low risk for bacteria or harm to come from poor maintenance when it comes to PVC wall panels. Mold would not form with pvc wall panels because there are no wooden backers behind the plastic that FRP has. These are some major issues that need to be addressed before designing your doggy day care or dog kennel.

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