Why Install Only Vinyl Panels for Car Washes

PVC wall paneling

Are you planning to revamp the garage that you neglected for so many years and simply dumped stuffs inside it? Now you might find out that your garage walls have been damaged and infested by mold. You have to do the walls all over again and this time you choose a material that gives better protection. Recently, there is nothing better that vinyl panels. So if you are looking for a walling solution, call Duramax at 323-352-9279, one of the leading vinyl panels suppliers in the U.S.


Car wash garages use various materials to protect and maintain the walls and ceilings. People usually do a comparison of the panel types but the most popular ones are PVC wall panels and FRP. Car washes have an environment that is very much filled with moisture; FRP is not resistant to moisture and not an ideal choice for a few other reasons.

FRP allows moisture to get trapped in-between the panels, in the wooden backer. This can give rise to problems like bacterial formation, mold and this causes peeling of the wall. When you install our smoother PVC panels you do not have to worry about moisture seating in the backer or the surface. If you want to maintain a damp-free atmosphere inside, it’s better to install PVC. Wall panels from Duramax meets the FDA requirements, all our panels are extremely durable and are 1-hour fire-grade assured. FRP panels are not suitable for car washes because it does not have a smooth surface as vinyl. Our PVC panels do not have any cervices, thus does not allow the formation of any bacteria. Also, FRP panels might cost a bit less that PVC, the former needs expensive repairs, lot of maintenance and replacement. In the long run, vinyl panels would be lot cheaper and we do not compromise quality. Installation of vinyl is not an expensive affair at all; it takes only a single person to do it. Whereas, FRP needs two or more people to install, thus more labor cost. With vinyl panels is actually 4x faster compared to FRP and any other material.

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Choose Duramax for vinyl panels

 At Duramax we offer all FDA approved products, we have a team to offer necessary consultation. Our products are being widely used in across all industries and also for home improvement. We have clients who are extremely satisfied with the quality of our products; you can visit our website to read testimonials. Recently our panels are being used in abundance in different shopping centers, in laundries and in many other industries. Quality is our foremost concern when it comes to PVC wall paneling; all our products come with a replacement guarantee.

Final words

Now if you are willing to replace the old FRP panel walls of your car wash, Choose Duramax PVC panels. One big pro is that all our products are manufactured in the U.S and we are offering a lifetime warranty on all our products. If you are still thinking why should choose Duramax, we have more than a decade of experience in manufacturing vinyl panels. Call us for a free consultation today at 323-352-9279; we have experts to offer you a quote!


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