Why you need to invest in PVC wall panels from Duramax for your commercial interiors?

The importance of wall paneling in industrial units is mainly due to the walls and ceiling getting damaged by moisture. There are two main types of wall panels PVC and FRP, there are certain differences between these two materials. PVC wall panels come with a lot more advantages and this is why FRP is gradually taking a back seat.


Duramax is a very reputed vinyl panel manufacturer and we have been supplying vinyl panels for more than a decade now. We have many clients who are first-time wall paneling users and we also have customers who are willing to bring down the old FRP panels.

The first and foremost is that PVC panels are now being used across industries like food processing, grow rooms, hospitals, car washes, fisheries and many more. These panels are extremely durable mainly because they are made of high-quality vinyl. PVC is becoming immensely popular due to its waterproof nature; it can resist water in any form. This makes the material mold and bacteria resistant as well. Now you can understand how safe your walls would remain upon installing PVC wall panels.

Vinyl panels from Duramax are extremely long-lasting so once you install it remains as good as new for years. PVC panels are suitable for commercial use because it’s chemical resistant, white and reflect the proper amount of light. Our panels also have a 1-hour fire grade which is a boon when you install Duramax PVC panels in commercial units.

All our panels are manufactured inside our own factory in the US; all the products are tested for quality and then released in the market. All our panels are ASTM tested to meet FDA standards.

You can buy PVC wall panel from Duramax because our panels are easy to install without requiring any backers or adhesives for lamination. PVC can be installed by a single layman and if two people are installing then the process becomes faster. Our panels are ½’’ thick and this is why backers are not necessary but when it comes to FRP, you must buy backers, adhesive, face-mounted rivets and lamination. To install FRP panels, you need one expert professional to install it for you and it’s chargeable.

Also, PVC wall panels are attached directly to the studs; there are tongues and grooves for interlocking. PVC takes the fastest installation time when compared to FRP installation. Once installed PVC panels do not need to be replaced, the panels are not vulnerable to water, do not delaminate or are not prone to callbacks. On the other hand, FRP is prone to peeling, callbacks and prone to delaminating.

PVC panels are very easy to clean and do not require much maintenance. You can wipe with a cloth and your panels would remain as good as new for years. The surface of our PVC panels is very smooth with no cervices and this is an advantage because no bacteria can accumulate on the surface.


If you are comparing the FRP cost to that of PVC, there is not much difference but FRP cost can go higher because of the material cost and labor charges. Therefore, PVC can be considered affordable in the long run.

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