Don’t want any moisture on the grow room walls? The solution is to install grow room wall panels

Grow room walls

Recently a lot of people are enthusiastic about growing medicinal crops indoors. But it needs a lot of set up to be done so that the delicate crops grow well. Grow rooms need adequate maintenance.


If you already have your own grow room recently or for years, you know that grow rooms already have a lot of moisture, which is good for plants’ growth. But do you know that moisture is not suitable for the walls and the ceiling, there could be dampness and growth of mold and bacteria? This could be detrimental to the plants, so you have to find a way out to safeguard the interior.

What about investing in wall panels instead of keeping the walls completely bare. Your grow room would never be free from moisture, so protect your cannabis grow room walls with vinyl panels. Yes, there are indeed various types of wall panels; the most discussed are FRP and PVC. A lot of customers ask us why FRP is not ideal and how PVC makes a better choice. One rule of thumb is, FRP is unsuitable for wet or moisture-prone commercial interiors. So, you cannot expect FRP to be used for grow rooms. FRP has backers made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood, and there lies the problem. These backers attract so much moisture regularly only to seep into the panels and destroy the walls too. You have to reinvest in a new panel, also spend money on repairing the walls. FRP panels delaminate only after a few months of installation; the panels start peeling off. On the other hand, vinyl panels do not have backers, so there are no chances of moisture seeping inside. Thus, the panels can do their job right, it’s to keep the walls protected. 

Upon investing one time and installing vinyl panels, you are sorted for a lifetime. Our panels can last for almost 25-30 years post-installation. 

Do you still have a dilemma about whether to choose vinyl or FRP wallboard? It’s time to take off the old FRP wall panels and install vinyl panels in your grow room. We get so many calls from clients who wish to install vinyl panels for their new grow rooms or revamp their old setup. 

Duramax vinyl panels are very safe to use; we have manufactured them keeping in mind the safety factors. All our panels are 1-hour fire grade that keeps away fire hazards; also, the panels are chemical resistant. The panels are ASTM certified to make sure they reach FDA requirements. Duramax PVC panels are white, look clean and marvelous when installed. The panels are light-reflective, which keeps your energy bills low, which is another very big advantage. 

Our vinyl panels are easy to install, you do not need to install any additional money in hiring more than one contractor, and there is no need to invest in any extra material. PVC panels are very long-lasting and take the least time to install. The Duramax statistics say that clients can save 40% of the material expenses and 50% of the labor costs

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