Francis installed plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen inside the kitchen of his plush resto-bar

Replace Your FRP Board With Waterproof Wall Paneling From Duramax

Francis is a proud owner of a resto-bar, and his joint pulls a lot of crowd. It’s well decorated and plush. But now he wants to install a new wall panel in the kitchen area, which is also a part of maintenance. He shared pictures with us; we saw grime, stickiness, food particles on the walls, and oil dripping. Our experts suggested installing plastic panels to cover those and get rid of such issues forever.  


 Francis now made up his mind to cover the walls by installing restaurant wall panels. He searched the internet for renowned companies and came to know about Duramax. Francis spoke to our experts and wanted to book a consultation. He wanted his kitchen to be ready before the next inspection.

 Restaurant wall panels have fantastic durability; it is 100% water-resistant. The panels do not have backers, so there is no way for moisture to get inside. Thus, you get drywalls for years. The product is anti-bacterial and anti-mold, which is ideal for a commercial kitchen. The panels are instrumental in maintaining the overall hygiene and sanitation of the kitchen. 

We enlightened the client about how the white and light-reflective panels can help to save energy bills in his resto-bar. The vinyl panels can evenly distribute the reflective light so you can have enough lighting wherever you want. Also, we told him that our panels are very safe to use, ideal for a commercial kitchen. The PVC panels are chemical resistant and have a 1-hour fire grade, which prevents any immediate fire accidents. 

 Francis was very particular about the quality, so we ensured that Duramax manufactures and supplies durable panels. We have a technologically advanced and modern manufacturing team and a dedicated quality assurance team that provides that panels delivered to clients are not faulty. We showed the client that our panels are FDA compliant and ASTM certified; we also asked him to refer to our website for more information. The plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen we manufacture have an extended lifespan, almost twenty to thirty years. 

We also discussed with Francis how low maintenance plastic panels are. These do not need regular cleaning and maintenance; also, the panels are effortless to clean. Unlike FRP, vinyl panels have a very smooth surface, and there are no services on it to harbor hidden bacteria. FRP has a rough surface, which is difficult to clean. 

It just looks for Francis, one expert to complete the installation, but in case he would hire more, it would speed up the process. But, PVC installation happens very fast, and you do not have to invest in extra materials like backers, lamination, rivets, and more. According to statistics, installing PVC panels can save 40% of the material cost and 50% of the labor cost compared to FRP. Once you install PVC, it’s not prone to absorbing water or moisture, it won’t delaminate, and there are no chances of callbacks. But when you compare it to FRP, the material is not long-lasting as vinyl. FRP has double material and labor requirements and costs. 

Francis’s kitchen now looks fantastic, and as good as new, he recommended his friends to install vinyl panels. If you have similar plans, book a consultation with the Duramax experts. Please visit our website for a free sample. Request us for a quote. 



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