Hydroponics farming is a preferred choice – Keep the indoor facility damp-free by installing waterproof vinyl panel

Waterproof Vinyl Panel


Some so many clients are dissatisfied with the non-water resistivity nature of FRP panels. We have spoken to clients who have complained that FRP wall panels are prone to peeling, and they are looking for an alternative. FRP is a popular solution, and many have installed these panels, but this material has certain drawbacks. Wall paneling is a big investment, and you cannot afford to reinvest. There are specific reasons why FRP has taken a backseat, and vinyl is ruling the market. Recently vinyl is offering a more challenging competition. 



FRP panels prone to delaminating:

It is very important to understand why PVC panels are 100% waterproof. These are attached directly to the studs, there are no backers required, and there are no chances of moisture absorption. We have clients who own hydroponics farms and are willing to uninstall old FRP wall panels and install vinyl panels. Some customers would be installing wall panels for the first time. Among those who installed FRP complained of the wall delamination and the walls being affected by dampness. 


Why is PVC an alternative to FRP?

It’s time to explain why FRP panels are not suitable for wet, damp, and moisture-prone commercial interiors. FRP has backers that attract moisture and cause the panels to peel off. The panels absorb a lot of moisture, and this also affects the walls inside, makes it damp, and causes heavy damage. So, you are left with no choice but to repair the walls and replace the panels, which is a considerable expenditure. This is why the waterproof vinyl panel is gaining immense popularity. The panels are used in commercial sectors such as grow rooms, dairy rooms, food processing, agriculture, fisheries, restaurants, commercial kitchen, medical field, hydroponics farming, and more. 


Hydroponics farming is a popular choice: 

In this blog, we shall talk about how effective vinyl panels are for your hydroponics farming facility. Indoor farming facilities have a lot of moisture forming inside the facility, so it is not good to leave the walls bare; too much moisture could lead to bacterial and mold growth. This could again hamper the growth of crops. 

Hydroponics farming is now extremely popular, and the biggest challenge is to create the right environment for growing crops. Conclusion this is a preferred farming method because you can continue farming even when the soil conditions and weather are not suitable. This farming method keeps the weather and environmental factors under control. 

Duramax manufactures high-quality panels that are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. All our panels are checked in an automated manner before it’s delivered to the clients. We stress on stringent quality assurance to ensure fewer complaints. 


Why Duramax PVC panels?

Hydroponics farming also requires water and a moist environment for the growth of crops. But, it is very important to protect the walls and ceiling from the moisture. Duramax PVC panels can protect the walls from getting infected by mold and bacteria. The panels have a 1-hour fire grade; it can forbid fire hazards for up to 1 hour. The panels are also chemical resistant, and this is essential for an indoor farming facility because the clients use fertilizers and nutrients. Also, our panels are light-reflective, helping to keep the energy bills low. 

Final words:

Vinyl takes less than 5 minutes to clean, it has a smooth surface, and no cervices and bacteria cannot thrive. Installing PVC is also very easy, and only one expert can do the installation in the least time.

Install plastic wall panels from PVC, and it’s a lifetime solution. Request for a quote, get a free sample.



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