The importance of Grow Room Wall Panels from Duramax

vinyl wall panels

Vinyl wall panels are most suitable for commercial use, mainly in industries that depend on heavy moisture. Excess humidity and dampness are never suitable for the walls and ceiling. But the grow room plants love to grow in a moist interior. Are you in a fix about how to deal with damaged walls? Firstly, you should know that a moist interior is good for plants’ growth, but mold is extremely harmful. This is why you need to do something about the walls. Too much moisture causes the walls to be significantly damaged, and bacteria form quickly on the surface. 



Duramax maintaining quality since forty years: 

It’s a great idea to cover the grow room walls with grow room wall panels. Duramax wall panels are completely waterproof, made of high-quality vinyl, and suit your budget. You can trust Duramax; we are manufacturing panels for the past forty years, and so far, we have had many specialists and extensive research. All vinyl panels are not the same when you compare the quality. Duramax is extremely reputed, and we do not compromise quality. This has helped us to create an extensive client base, happy and satisfied clients. Also, there are various types of wall paneling solutions, but nothing is as advantageous as vinyl, and there are reasons why we say so. Keep reading the blog for more information. 


Duramax panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliance:

All our waterproof vinyl panels are tested for quality and FDA compliance and ASTM certified. Safety is an essential factor when you are choosing panels for your commercial space. Duramax vinyl panels have a 1-hour fire grade; this forbids any sudden fire hazard for up to 1 hour. Duramax vinyl panels also have chemical resistivity; the panels can endure spillage of any chemical. 

Want to know how you can save more with vinyl panels?

Our panels are white; this gives clarity and a fresh look to the panels. Have you heard of light-reflective wall panels? Duramax panels are light reflective; the panels can equally distribute the reflected light. This means you require fewer lights and can save quite a lot on your energy bills. This is one fantastic feature that makes clients happier. Light is an essential factor in the growth of medicinal plants. Ample light is needed for the healthy growth of the plants. So, it is impressive if you can save on energy bills. Upon proper distribution of light, your medicinal plants will live long. 


Duramax panels – Easy to install and simpler to maintain:

PVC panels are easy to install; there is no need to hire more than one contractor or any additional materials. These panels are attached directly to the studs; there is no need for backers. This makes the panels completely waterproof. Duramax claims that you can save 50% of the labor cost and 40% of the material cost installing our vinyl panels. 

Cleaning and maintaining the panels is not a hassle; our panels require occasional maintenance. Wash or wipe the panels with light soap, and this will take off the dirt and debris. The panels are very easy to clean because the surface is smooth and has no cervices.  

Final words:

PVC panels post-installation can last for 25-30 years without any maintenance. We are one of the renowned PVC Panel Suppliers in the USA. Get a free sample; call us today for more information—request for a quote.


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