Vinyl panels can take care of your Grow room walls keeping it free from mold and bacteria

Grow room walls

Grow room walls are exposed to a lot of moisture because the interior environment has a moist atmosphere. Humidity is also favorable for the growth of these medicinal plants, but mold and bacteria could be detrimental to healthy growth. When the walls are exposed to water vapor for a prolonged time, there are chances that the walls will get affected by mold and mildew. Now its time to think of installing wall panels in your indoor growing facility. 


There are different types of wall panels, various materials are available, but you need a covering that can resist so much moisture. If you do extensive research, you will find that only vinyl panels can do such wonders. All vinyl panels are not the same; various qualities are available. Therefore, you need to be wise while choosing a manufacturer in your locality. 

Duramax assures high-quality vinyl panels that are completely water-resistant. We also ensure that all our products are certified, and quality tested. All panels are ASTM certified to make sure those are FDA compliant. Safety is another very crucial factor and we have kept that in mind during the manufacturing process. All our panels have a 1-hour fire grade, and the panels are also chemical resistant. The panels can forbid any fire hazard for up to 1 hour. 

Did you ever think of installing a fiber-reinforced panel? We get similar queries from clients, and here is what we have to say. There is a concrete explanation as to why FRP is not suitable for all moist commercial interiors. FRP loses its waterproof nature only due to the presence of backers. Yes, the backers can absorb a good amount of moisture everyday and gradually, this causes damage to the walls, and the panels also start showing signs of delamination. But PVC panels do not have backers, and this is why there is no way moisture can get into the walls and affect the panels. Once installed, the vinyl panels can last for almost 25-30 years; it’s almost lifetime.

Light is a triggering factor for the growth of plants, thus installing vinyl panels would be helpful. Duramax PVC panels are light-reflective, which means these panels are capable of evenly distributing the reflected light. This keeps the energy bills low, which is an advantage. The panels are also white, which appears to be very bright and clean. If the light is distributed correctly, the plants grow well. 

According to statistics, you can save almost 50% of the labor cost and 40% expenses. The panels are easy to clean and need no daily maintenance. The panels do not have cervices, and the surface is very smooth so that bacteria cannot thrive onto its surface. Also, vinyl panels are very easy and inexpensive to install. Only one installation contractor can complete the entire process very quickly. 

For PVC installation, get in touch with Duramax and book a free consultation. We are the experts in manufacturing and supplying vinyl panels for various purposes. Get a free sample; call us today for more information—request for a quote.


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