Duramax: Forget Worries About Quality With Dairy Vinyl Panels

Most industries tend to look for the perfect walling material for the paneling of walls. It is especially more important when we are talking about dairy rooms and parlors. These rooms are the places where dairy products are kept safe. However, while they might be safe from the effects of the environment, it is the dangers inside that might harm. The walls and ceilings of the dairy rooms need adequate protection because edible products must be preserved carefully so that those are not affected by poisoning or damp. 

Looking for an affordable and water-resistant solution for walling? Since the dairy parlors are the places where moisture content is high, there is a requirement to have insulated panels. 

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Finding The Perfect Material For Walling 

The industry is filled with many options for walling. 

There are FRP panels, metal panels, and most importantly vinyl panels. Since the possibilities are too many, choosing the perfect one can be a bit difficult. Most people tend to think that FRP panels are suitable for dairy rooms. However, FRP panels aren’t as durable and also take more effort for installation. 

That is the reason why people move over to vinyl wall paneling in the first place. 

One of the primary qualities of the dairy vinyl panels is that they are pretty easy to install. Vinyl panels don’t require some adhesives or backers, and that is why the installation cost of the materials is meager. Compared to that, the cost of installation of FRP panels tends to be a bit higher because they require adhesives and backers as well. That increases the value. 

Also, the installation of vinyl panels doesn’t take much longer, and only one person alone can manage. However, FRP panels require at least two people to do the job. Not only does it take more effort but the costs are increased too.  

Where the installation costs are minimal in vinyl panels, these panels are durable as well. Vinyl panels are not susceptible to callbacks, and they don’t delaminate after a long time. So, that decreases the costs of repairs as well. 

Along with that, the ease of cleaning the vinyl panels makes them a better option than FRP. One excellent quality of vinyl panels is that they tend to have a pretty smooth surface which makes it easier to clean them. However, FRP panels have rough surfaces which are difficult to clean, just another drawback of FRP.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people choose vinyl panels for dairy rooms is because these panels are resistant to mold. The smooth surface of vinyl panels doesn’t allow the accumulation of bacteria and mold, hence making the boards free from the mold and keeping people safe from infections. 

So, these are some things that you need to know about dairy vinyl panels. Choose Duramax as your PVC panel suppliers as they have quality vinyl panels in store for you.

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