Let the medicinal plants grow healthily inside your grow room – Cover with FDA compliant wall panels

cannabis grow room walls

Have you ignored your grow room walls and now you feel that the damage has gone beyond control? Many are interested in growing cannabis indoors, but it’s very important to set up the right kind of facility and maintain it. Indoor grow rooms have more moisture and it’s good for the growth of medicinal plants. But if you notice the bare walls, you would see dampness. At first, you might think that the dampness would subside, but it can go beyond control if not taken care of. 




Trust Duramax vinyl panels:

If the grow room walls are affected by dampness, that means the interior could be filled with bacteria and mold, which could hamper the plants’ health. Reinvestment is a headache because you have already spent so much money on setting up the grow room. Leaving the walls bare is not a good idea; the best thing you can do is cover the walls with a waterproof wall paneling solution. 


Duramax is among the renowned wall panel suppliers; we have been in this business for 40 years. We design modern wall panels for commercial use. You can talk to us about your requirements and we customize the solution for you. Our panels can keep the grow room walls dry and moisture away, so the walls remain in good condition for many years. If you are running a grow room recently and do not know much about taking care of walls and ceilings, come and talk to our team. 


Affordable grow room vinyl panels:

There are various types of wall panels, but vinyl has its own set of advantages. You can use the internet to look for vinyl panels online; refer to the Duramax website for all information related to vinyl panels and why you must install it. You can spend time researching before taking the final call. We have a huge client base; a lot of clients have already trusted us. 

Duramax panels are 100% water-resistant, extremely durable, and long-lasting. We try to offer solutions within your budget. Check our vinyl panels samples before you actually invest. Our panels are suitable for installing cannabis grow room walls


ASTM certified and FDA compliant panels:

Duramax vinyl panels are very safe to use; all panels are of the highest quality and certified. Duramax panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliant wall panels. The panels have a one-hour fire grade, forbidding fire hazard for one hour. Our panels are also chemical-resistant. We have a stringent quality assurance team to ensure that all our panels are quality-checked before delivering to the clients. Duramax PVC panels come with some fantastic features. 


Duramax panels can last for a lifetime:

Our vinyl panels are very easy and inexpensive to install, only one contractor is sufficient and there is no investment in purchasing any additional material. The panels are attached directly to the studs and do not require any backers. This ensures that the panels are not absorbing any moisture or water vapor. Once installed, our panels can last for a lifetime; it would remain in good condition for 25-30 years with minimal maintenance. Thus, you can consider PVC panels as a one-time investment. 

Ask for a free sample, and request a quote. 



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