Taking care of the grow room walls – Install Grow Room Vinyl Panels

Grow Room Vinyl Panels

Are you looking for a wall covering your grow room facility? A lot of clients come to us with issues like damp grow rooms and plants not growing well. A grow room is full of moisture, which is good for plants’ growth. But what if the walls get damaged by dampness filling the entire interior with mold and bacteria? Bacteria is never good for the grow room plants and you can solve it only by adding grow room vinyl panels



Duramax – a reputed vinyl panels manufacturer:

Duramax is a highly reputable manufacturer of high-quality vinyl panels for commercial use. Our panels are made from the highest quality vinyl so that they are long-lasting and 100% waterproof. Please do not leave the grow room walls bare; cover them up with panels. If you are new to wall panels, you can conduct thorough research on them. Comparing vinyl with FRP wallboard, the former has way more advantages. While searching for vinyl panel manufacturers, you would find our website because it’s for our clients’ quality and love that we rank on the top of search engines. 

If you have plans to install a vinyl wall covering and wish to know more about the panels, choose to consult us. We understand your budget, your requirements, and offer the right kind of vinyl panel. We also show samples to our clients so that you can see the texture and the quality.

Why choose PVC than FRP for grow rooms?

FRP wall panels lose their waterproof quality due to backers’ presence made of OSB, Drywall, and Plywood. The backers absorb a lot of moisture that harms the panels and goes deep into the walls and causes havoc damage. The moisture gets trapped in the panels, and this causes delamination. But consider vinyl panels: they do not have backers, so there are no chances of moisture seeping into the panels. Due to the vinyl panels, the grow room walls inside are protected, which prevents replacements and repairs. 


ASTM certified panels with 1-hour fire grade:

Duramax grows room panels that are safe and secure, ideal for commercial use. We focus a lot in production quality; our panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliance. All panels have an one-hour fire grade; thus, they can forbid fire hazards for at least one hour. Also, our panels are chemical resistant. Installing vinyl panels in your grow room would keep the walls dry, and the plants would have a healthy growth. 


Light reflective panels offer savings:

Now talking about some immediate savings, anyone would be interested. When you install our white vinyl panels, it gives a white and clean look and feels; the interior is also hygienic. Duramax panels are light-reflective, which means our panels can evenly distribute the reflected light, which is why you can save on energy bills. 


Long-lasting vinyl panels from Duramax:

PVC panels can be installed very fast and without any investment in additional materials and excess labor costs. Once installed, our panels can last for a lifetime, almost 25-30 years.

Ask for a free sample, and request a quote. 



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