Use Waterproof Vinyl Panel for your dairy rooms and only then you can assure supply of healthy and hygienic dairy products to the customers

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Do you own a dairy or a poultry farm that you wish to renovate and improve the interiors? If you desire a long-lasting interior, waterproofing is a big solution and you can achieve it only by installing plastic wall panels. Talking of FRP panels, it’s not a waterproof solution. Apart from diary rooms, Duramax vinyl panels are used across all industries like fisheries, food processing units, stables, kennels, home ceiling, restaurants, supermarkets, healthcare facilities and more.

PVC panels are durable because it’s manufactured from the highest quality vinyl. Our panels are water-resistant, its anti-bacteria and mold-resistant and our panels have a 1-hour fire grade. We design light-reflective and white wall panels that reflect sufficient amounts of light. All our panels are FDA compliant. Its ASTM tested that the panels meet the FDA standards. Our PVC panels have the longest lifespan when compared to any other wall paneling materials.

A dairy room is filled with moisture and a moisture-filled environment aids in extracting milk from the dairy animals, there more moisture because there is milk stored, water and fluids stored. The walls of your dairy rooms get affected by the moisture and the walls start perishing. To maintain the walls you need to install waterproof vinyl panels from Duramax. Our panels are water-resistant; the effective paneling does not attract any moisture at all keeping the walls entirely dry and as good as new.

Duramax panels are highly used in dairy parlors because hygiene is a major factor. Our panels are easy to clean, the surface is very smooth, does not have any services and this is why it does not attract any bacteria. But, if you install FRP wall panels the backers absorb water and it gets trapped in between the walls and the backers resulting in mold formation. Also, the surface of the FRP is rough and not very easy to clean. When you install PVC wall panels it’s a long term solution as it has the longest life-span when compared to any other wall paneling.

PVC panels are always a suitable choice, in fact, it’s better than FRP because PVC is very easy to install, and it does not require any adhesive, lamination, backer or face-mounted rivets. Our panels are ½ inch thick and need no backers, also come with hidden fasteners. It’s possible for one man to complete the PVC installation and you need not be an expert. Once installed our panels are not at all vulnerable to any sort of moisture or water vapor. Our panels can be attached directly to the studs, there are tongue and grooves for interlocking and if two people perform the task then the time taken to install lessens.

Compared to FRP, you have to spend money on hiring a professional for installation, you also have to invest money in buying extra materials and once installed it needs regular maintenance. Duramax says that PVC panels reduce 40% of the material cost and 50% of the labor costs. After a few years, FRP shows signs of peeling, can delaminate and prone to callbacks. But, our waterproof vinyl panels won’t need to be replaced.

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