Duramax TempWall offering modular walls to the healthcare sector

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Hospitals are now gearing up as they are busy creating more isolation spaces. This COVID-19 pandemic has been the worst, and Duramax is satisfied that we could make our humble contribution. Partitions were always important in medical facilities, but now it’s even more, it’s mandatory. This is where modular walls are playing a significant role.



Medical facilities are spending loads of money on creating isolated spaces for treating COVID-19 patients. It’s been quite some time that we are manufacturing and designing class-apart divider wall panels. Partitions are essential in all medical facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostics, clinics, and more. 


Easier to install divider walls:

Duramax has an awesome client base, so many clients are extremely satisfied with our products. You can choose to look online or offline for temporary wall panels. Our divider wall panels are completely sanitized mainly to set up medical pods, patient recovery rooms, nurse stations, medical pods, sleeping pods, and more. Duramax Tempwall is our brand, and we manufacture the most affordable and modern partition solutions. The panels are also simpler to install with no complex mechanism. 


Modular walls with Microban Aegis Shield:

Duramax temporary walls are preferred by many, we have good reviews, and we are trying hard to offer the maximum number of panels during this time. When Tempwall is installed, there are lesser chances of infections. Our panels are coated with a protective layer of Microban Aegis Shield. It is an antimicrobial treatment that aids the surface not to respond to bacteria, germs. We have a team of experts researching to improve our panels every day. 

Non-porous and durable panels:

Duramax Tempwalll panels are heavy-duty and non-porous. The panels are capable of eliminating microorganisms and impurities. The panels are modular and free-standing, also ready to be assembled, and this is why faster deployment is possible. These temporary partitions can offer safer isolation for all. 

Easier to install – does not attract dirt and debris:

Duramax is the leader, the expert in creating the best healthcare wall panels. Contractors find it easy to install Duramax panels. Hire an experienced contractor in your locality for a successful installation. We have some fantastic reviews, and our clients have shared images after installation. 

Duramax temporary panels do not attract any dirt or debris. It is very easy to clean the panels. Duramax temporary walls are low maintenance. The panels are also heavy-duty, impact-resistant, and can endure all weather conditions. These panels are ideal for rapid installation. You can have various configurations with our panels; some multipacks allow these configurations. Our wall panels are filled with UV stabilizers, which prevent discoloration and cracks. 


Duramax contributing to the healthcare sector:

Are you looking for temporary wall panels in the USA? Trust Duramax Tempwall. Get in touch and call us for a free consultation. We are dedicated to offering our solutions mainly to the healthcare sector and catering to many other industries. But this year, 2020, has been a challenge to help the healthcare sector create numerous partitions. You can talk to our experts for a consultation, request us for a quote.



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