Investing in healthcare wall panels to create partitions – Invest in Duramax temporary panels

healthcare wall panel

Partitions in healthcare are as useful as medicine, which has been well understood in the year 2020. Isolation has been of utmost importance during this global pandemic. So, if you belong to the healthcare sector, you might have already installed partitions or thinking of installing one. Duramax offers temporary wall partitions, which are known as Tempwalls. This year, we have massively contributed to the healthcare sector by supplying healthcare wall panels made from vinyl. 



The uses of temporary wall panels:

Vinyl is one such material that has plenty of advantages. Since we started, we have had so many nursing homes, hospitals, diagnostic clinics, and other medical sectors as our clients, but this year was challenging for them. We manufacture high-quality temporary wall panels for commercial use. 

Faster and efficient installation:

Duramax Tempwalls can be installed easily, quickly, if you hire expert contractors. The time taken to install is significantly less, so we can assure faster and more efficient installation. Recently there is a huge demand for temporary walls across various sectors because it’s an easier and cost-effective way to divide spaces. These walls are used in setting up modular spaces. 

The panels are simpler to install:

A hospital wall panel is extremely lightweight and makes the installation lot simpler. But our panels are durable and tough, so they are heavily used in the building sector. 

Duramax temp wall panels are modular, free-standing, and very easy to install. During the installation, no dust and debris are formed during the installation process. Our panels can withstand all climatic conditions and are resistant to all impact. The Duramax team of experts can offer you the best consultation. 

Are you thinking of the configurations?

With Duramax, multiple configurations are possible. It could be in the form of a standalone, single barrier, continuous installation, or set up in a perpendicular direction to create your own space. 

The partition walls are an ideal choice for temporary as well as permanent use in the building sector. These panels are used in schools, hospitals, colleges, malls, airports, shopping centres, commercial projects, residential…etc. 

The advantages of modular walls:
  • Durable and lightweight wall panels. 
  • Multiple configurations are possible.
  • The panels have UV stabilizers that can prevent discoloration and crack.
  • The temp wall panels are non-porous. 
  • The material is 100% recyclable and environment-friendly.
  • These partition panels are coated with Microban Aegis Shield.
  • The panels are multipurpose and faster deployment is done by trained contractors. 

Our panels are capable of creating a soundproof, insulated, and hygienic interior. For instance, you can operate your industry without any disturbance or hindrance, even if there is a renovation going on besides space. You can also set up unique dividers with these temporary wall panels. Duramax panels are reusable, reconfigurable, easy to assemble and dismantle, and transportation is also very easy.

 Final words:

If you have a project in mind, then discuss your requirements with us. We have a client base who are very satisfied with our products. Visit our website for more information, book a free consultation. Our panels are certified and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Please get in touch with us, request a quote.



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