Temporary or modular walls could be the solution to space crunch and immediate requirements

temporary wall

Partition walls are used for various purposes, but you cannot deny its importance in the medical sector. This year we saw how essential it is to create partitions due to the COVID-19 virus. So, how will you build a solution within your budget?



Temporary walls are a very effective solution to generate more provision, safe sections out of limited space. If you belong from the medical industry or any other and are looking for a temporary wall in the USA, it’s time to interact with Duramax. This year, we have many clients from the medical sector, and we feel contended that we could be a part of it by creating so many partitions and isolation spaces. 

Durable temporary wall solutions: 

Quality and affordability are the keys, so we have tried to offer solutions within the budget without compromising the kind of product we offer. The hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities have spent lots of money setting up the right facilities to treat patients. Duramax divider wall panels are exclusive, being extremely durable and long-lasting. With property prices rising and with a space crunch, more and more people are looking for temporary walls or similar provisions for commercial and residential purposes. 


Client satisfaction is our priority:

Clients are our priority, and so far, our product has received immense client satisfaction. You can visit our store, but you can also view and order products online if you are not ready to come over. You can again book an online consultation. Duramax Tempwalls are made by expert engineers, well-planned, and ideal for internal use. We offer sanitized panels to create patient recovery rooms, nurse stations, medical pods, sleeping pods, and more. Temp will is the brand, and we are reputed for offering the most modern partitions. Also, the walls are easier to install because there are no complex mechanisms. 


Coated with Microban Aegis Shield:

If you are planning to invest, it’s good to make informed decisions to read reviews to know our clients. Our panels are preferred due to several benefits. Tempwalls are coated with the Microban Aegis Shield, and this is why there are lesser chances of infections. This protective layer helps in many ways; it is an antimicrobial treatment that turns the surface unresponsive to germs. We have a team of experts researching to improve our panels every day. 


Modular and free-standing panels: 

Duramax modular walls are non-porous and heavy-duty; they can eliminate impurities and micro-organisms. The panels are modular and free-standing, ready for assembling, and therefore faster deployment is possible. These temporary partitions can offer safer isolation for all. Various configurations are possible with Duramax Tempwall panels. 


Invest in Duramax Tempwalls:

If you belong from the medical sector or any other and looking for temporary wall partitions, talk to the Duramax team for a solution. We are open for a consultation so that we can suggest to you the most appropriate solution. We are supplying temporary wall panels for so many other sectors, but in the year 2020, healthcare has become a priority. Discuss your projects with our experts and request a quote.



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