Duramax Tempwalls with Micorban Aegis Microbe Shield – Invest in healthcare wall panels

divider wall

A divider wall is prevalent in medical facilities due to more and demand for partitions. Patients require adequate safety, some ease, and privacy. These days hospitals and nursing homes are finding efficient and faster ways to build temporary walls. Thus, we can see that the demand for modular walls on the rise. When you think of installing temporary walls, trust the only Duramax. 

Duramax tempwalls coated with Micorban Aegis Microbe Shield 

Our house’s modular wall systems are protected with a Micorban Aegis Microbe Shield, which makes it safe for use in medical facilities. All you need now is more and more safety to curb the chances of disease spread and infection. These temporary walls are a rapid and very flexible solution to design temporary spaces. Duramax manufactures modern temporary walls that are used in various fields under the brand name ‘Tempwall.’ 

Durable and lightweight modular panels

Our panels are incredibly lightweight, durable, and allow rapid deployment. We have interacted with many clients and have created too many isolation spaces over a period of six months due to this pandemic. We have realized how much this sector relies on our panels, and we are glad that we can contribute. But, apart from COVD -19 requirements, other patients also require isolation, so we are still experiencing an ascending graph. 

Certified panels from Duramax 

The panels are interlocking with each other; this is why installation becomes simpler. Two contractors can do the installation job correctly, hire a local and reputed one. You do not require investing in too many tools, a cordless drill, and a drop cloth. These temporary panels have a LAAR rating; our panels also meet the safety and building codes. Our panels are ASTM and CFIA certified and FDA compliant. The panels have a Class A fire rating and even chemical resistance. 

Easy configurations are possible 

You got a lot of freedom when it comes to configuring a healthcare wall panel. You can divide the internal spaces according to your requirements. The healthcare sector can install it as a single barrier: standalone, double, triple, staggered, back to back, and open-sided. You can also combine to set up a linear wall or 90 degrees angle to build individual spaces. 

Low maintenance panels from Duramax 

Cleaning is super easy; the panels also do not attract a lot of dust or debris, and these are also non-porous. Our modular walls are heavy-duty, impact-resistant, and can withstand all weather conditions. 

Ready to invest in a hospital wall panel? We have so many clients who have been satisfied with our services. We have reviews from our clients who have supported us immensely. 

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