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modular walls

Temporary walls are mainly used for constructing modular walls and partitions. These walls are incredibly lightweight and are simpler to install. As the name suggests, Duramax is durable, which has made it even more popular in the construction sector.



These panels are free-standing, modular, and easy to install. The best thing is that during the hassle-free installation process, no dust and debris are formed during the process. These panels are heavy-duty; therefore, they can endure all climatic conditions and are impact resistant. We have a team of experts who can perfectly install your temporary walls. Multiple configurations can also be done. You could do it in the form of a single, standalone barrier; it could be a continuous installation or set up in a perpendicular direction to set up your own space. 


The benefits of modular walls:

Our partition walls are a perfect choice for temporary and sometimes even permanent use in the construction sector. These systems are used in schools, hospitals, colleges, malls, airports, shopping centers, commercial projects, and residential…etc. 


Take a look at the benefits of our temporary walls and read more:
  • Lightweight panels are incredibly durable
  • Multiple configurations are possible 
  • Modular panels are non-porous
  • Panels have UV stabilizers that prevent cracking and discoloration
  • Panels are durable and extremely lightweight
  • Temporary partition walls have Microban Aegis Shield coating
  • Panels are eco-friendly and 100% reusable
  • Panels are multi-purposeful and rapid deployment is possible by trained professionals. 

Do you know that the hospitality sector has a big demand for these modular walls? Temporary walls are used in restaurants and hotels; they mainly choose this solution for expansion and renovations. What do you think when shopping malls require build-outs or they need a barricade? These panels are used on-site for shopping complexes. 


Various sectors using our temporary panels: 

Duramax temporary walls are heavily used in partition and construction to create an insulated, soundproof interior and cleanly done interior. Businesses can operate without any hindrance or disturbance, and a renovation could also take place beside it without bothering you. Our team is also capable of setting up dividers. Duramax panels are reusable, reconfigurable, easy to assemble and dismantle, and transportation is also very easy. These walls are also used in renovations and construction in schools and colleges. Our panels are ideal for multi-use and help to save a lot of money. We have so many clients from various sectors. We also suggest that our clients redeploy the system that would give you significant savings on labor, materials, and waste. 


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Do you have a project that needs to be done? We are getting many clients, mainly from the medical sector, because they are looking for temporary wall panels. Please visit our website for additional information. We have experts for installation; please book a free consultation. The panels are certified and have a limited lifetime warranty. Get in touch with us, request a quote.


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