Segregate internal spaces efficiently using Duramax Temp wall partition

room divider wall

High-quality and sturdy divider wall from Duramax is ideal for temporary and long-term construction. These walls are used to create partitions without shelling out too much money. Also, these are space savers, and you can carry them from one place to another. Duramax designs the best panels widely used in locations like malls, shopping centers, schools, campuses, event centers, corporate offices, government offices, event centers, art exhibitions, and more. 



Creating efficient partitions in hospitals:

Divider walls are prolifically used in hospitals and now even more due to this severe pandemic. A lot of hospitals are featuring isolation rooms for the patients infected by this virus. Temporary walls are also effectively used to create temporary spaces for sleeping, working, and testing. This year, we put our dedication and effort into turning storerooms, convention centers, gymnasiums, and armories into coronavirus treatment centers. Our divider walls are advantageous in creating the best isolation spaces in various regions. Our panels are very easy to install and also can be dismantled easily. We are fulfilling the demand for creating efficient and quick isolation spaces during the pandemic.


Creating temporary spaces in educational campuses:

Duramax divider walls are used at school and college campuses because events are going on the whole year. These events demand separate spaces for the participants and first aid, and more. Duramax panels are used for creating many rooms in various layouts. Our room divider wall panels are easily transportable, saving time and improvisation for multiple segments. 

Before understanding the room divider walls available in the market, it’s essential to understand the product’s standard dimensions. The standard divider wall has a width of around 60 inches, and the length is 80 inches. The walls have a thickness of about 13/8 inches. These units have a total weight of about 63 lbs. There are so many configurations possible, the installation is very easy, and we can create spaces to suit your requirements. The configurations include open-sided, single, double, staggered, back to back, and triple.

Low maintenance panels:

Cleaning and maintenance are an integral part, mainly in medical facilities. But our panels are very easy to clean, and you do not have to hire professionals for regular cleaning. You also do not have to clean mainly because our panels do not attract germs and impurities. These panels are easy to maintain without any rules; these are non-porous and do not draw any debris and dust. Wipe with a cloth, and the wall would shine. 


 No discoloration and cracks:

These panels have UV stabilizers that help in preventing discoloration and cracks. These panels last for a very long time, so once installed, you do not have to worry about reinvestment. These panels are 100% recyclable, and no cut waste is produced at all. Upon establishing a wall partition, you can efficiently segregate the internal spaces. Hire an expert contractor for a successful installation. 

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