The benefits of temporary walls in the healthcare facility construction

modular walls

Initiating a healthcare project is quite an intimidating task, and care should be taken in every particular detail. You already know that building and renovation projects can be quite expensive; you need to find ways to save money and make the process smoother for the existing staff and patients. 


You can think of installing modular walls; these are temporary structures that can make a difference in the entire construction process. Can you imagine that these walls can be attached in just a few minutes and can be a very affordable solution? Partitions, isolation spaces, temporary wards are inevitable, something that is very necessary while running a medical facility. 

Why invest in Duramax temporary wall panels? Duramax manufactures high-quality and affordable wall panels that are faster and easier to install. Our temp wall systems are ideal for use in medical premises because it has the microban aegis microbe shield. This shield is a treatment that creates molecular bonds to act as a protector for germs and bacteria. Duramax temp walls are incredibly light-weight, making transportation and installation easier; the panels are also very durable. When you have our panels, contractors find it easier and faster to deploy isolation spaces and temporary rooms. The panels are free-standing and ready-to-assemble, allowing faster and cleaner setup without debris and dust. 

The temporary walls are non-porous, thus faster to set up and very easy to clean; there is no debris and dust. Our wall panels are incredibly heavy-duty; they are not affected by impact and other internal conditions and can endure challenging environments. Some of the many benefits of these modular walls:

  • Infection control
  • Dust containment 
  • Noise control
  • More safety with better traffic management inside

Are you interested in installing a temporary wall?. Many configurations are possible; it’s a more comfortable and quicker way to divide the already existing internal space. We have experts to guide you through the kind of installation you want; you can opt for a single standalone unit, a liner wall where panels are combined, or 90 degrees to have individual spaces. 

Duramax temp walls are environment-friendly, 100% recyclable, and do not produce cut-off waste at all. The walls also come with UV stabilizers that prevent cracking and discoloration. Only 2 people are sufficient for the assembling process; not many tools are required as well, a cordless drill and drop cloth are adequate. 

In a situation like this, when COVID 19 is on the rise, and the pandemic has put the whole world into a state of panic, isolation spaces are the need of the hour. So far, we have got calls from so many health care units about isolation spaces. We have an expert team that is working relentlessly to fight the current situation. We are still getting calls, and our temp walls are being supplied in considerable amounts in quarantine centers. 

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