Turning a hostel facility into a quarantine space during the pandemic rise – An experience worth sharing

divider wall

Today we are discussing a hostel facility that got in touch with our team to build an emergency shelter during this COVID crisis. A couple of months back, we knew the scenario: hospitals went almost full, ample COVID patients were rushing for treatment, and needed total isolation. Furthermore, medical facilities and the government needed to set up quarantine centers. There was indeed less space and huge demand. So, everyone came together for this cause. 



Durable and lightweight panels:

 Now, this hostel facility has huge dormitory rooms and also other huge rooms. They actively wanted to turn it into quarantine centers, so they needed to build modular walls for proper partition. This would be of much help for the people who are COVID suspects and those who cannot get back home due to the intense lockdown. We very much wanted to be a part of it; we were glad that we could contribute positively. 


Low maintenance divider wall panels from Duramax:

Our divider wall panels can be rapidly set up, and the whole process can be completed without leaving any mess. During the installation, not much debris and dust are formed. Our panels are easier to clean, take significantly less time, are non-porous, and also low-maintenance. These panels are heavy-duty, impact-resistant, and can withstand all weather conditions. Tempwalls are extremely hygienic coated with a layer of Microban Aegis Microbe Shield, which is an exterior antimicrobial treatment. It aids in creating molecular bonds onto the surface, making it inaccessible to germs. 


Recyclable panels with UV stabilizer:

Tempwall, or temporary wall panels are eco-friendly, a green solution because we care for the environment. Our panels are sustainable, can be recycled, and have no cut-off

waste. Our panels are coated with top quality UV stabilizers; this keeps away discoloration and cracking. The products are easily transportable, hassle-free to configure and reconfigure; you can also try our multiple configurations with multiple packs. 


The most affordable solution – helping in creating barriers:

Do you need to set up a divider wall? Duramax Tempwall is a brand that you can rely upon. We have a team of experts with whom you can discuss your project, and we are here to offer the best yet the most affordable solution. You can get all the temporary wall-related information on our website. Installing the panels is extremely easy; you can erect a single barrier; it could be in a continuous pattern so that there is a linear wall, and you can set it perpendicular.


Customize your space – Trust Duramax:

Create a space according to your requirements. This new space that we set up for the COVD scenario was very useful, and we got such positive reviews. They did thank us for the durable construction, and we have worked with other similar clients and many medical facilities during this COVID scenario. We can help you with your requirements by customizing it for you. We follow the best practices; you can rely on our partition solutions. Our panels, once installed, can last for years; assembling and reassembling is hassle-free. Get a limited lifetime warranty. Get in touch with us, request a quote.


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